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Good day at the gym, repping AAUW (March 2018).

Hello folks! I wanted to leave a short entry here to let you know that I no long seek work in the journalism field. However, I don’t want to delete this blog. I put a lot of work into it and I like that it displays my short-lived-but-awesome journey as a reporter. I definitely enjoyed it while it lasted.

I also thought that perhaps this will serve as an example for aspiring reporters who are studying journalism right now. Maybe the people reading this are at any of my alma maters Central Michigan University or Oakland University. That would be cool!

I recently graduated with my MA in Communication, which feels like a huge relief. It involved so much time and energy! The last two years have been incredible! Currently, I’m looking for various positions, but I’m mostly interested in working in higher ed. Plus I want to continue my research (intersectional feminism and media studies) and I got several fictional writing projects in mind right now. It’s very exciting!

If you’re curious about what I’m doing, please check out my LinkedIn profile. For even more adventurous material, please visit my IG and/or my blog.


Anna J. Palm – Post-Grad School Goals


I’m a graduate student at Oakland University, looking for a full-time job or paid internship after I’ve completed my master’s. Since my major is communication, I would be interested in both internal and external communication at a company, change management, research and anything media-related such as public relations and social media. I have years of writing and editing experience, not to mention customer service skills.


Find me on LinkedIn, Handshake (search “Anna Palm”), Instagram (authorajpalm) and Twitter (authorajpalm).

>> See previous post for background.

Anna J. Palm – New Path

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Detroit on January 14, 2017.

My name is Anna J. Palm and I’m a writer, painter and martial artist.

In May 2015, I graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Arts; my major was creative writing and journalism my minor. Shortly afterwards, I worked for The Morning Sun, a (then-local) paper in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. It was a wonderful learning experience and kind of an adventure until the company downsized and laid off people at several newspapers, including me. It’s doggy dog world out there.

Realizing that I needed additional education and a different life style, I began attending grad school at Oakland University in the fall 2016. Currently I’m working on my master’s in communication with a focus on media studies. People keep asking me if I’m going after a PhD – probably since they can hear on my voice that I love research –  but unless I plan on teaching, there’s no point in getting one. My future goal is to get a job at a big company like General Motors or a publishing company where I can use what I’ve learned at grad school and grow as a writer.

Truth to be told, the Big Dream is to have my poems and fictional stories published one day so that I can live as a full-time author, like J.K. Rowling or Neil Gaiman.

Plus, I love travel. I’ve been to quite a few places already – Denmark, France, Austria, Italy, Egypt, several states such as North Carolina and Maine… – but there is so much more I want to see, so many people to meet and so many different kinds of dishes to taste.
You can also reach me at

By the way, bellow this post you can find my resume.

Anna Josefin Palm – Resume

Anna Josefin Palm                                               


Communication experience:

Oakland University—Rochester, MI

            Collaboration with the University Communications and Marketing department at OU, April 2017

  • Made a video about my research on the women in Game of Thrones, as part of the school’s video series on research. It was released on YouTube on July 16, 2017: “Student Research Series – Anna Palm, Media Studies” (

Oakland University—Rochester, MI

            Communication department graduate assistant, Jan. – April 2017.

  • Assisted the faculty with their research: data entry, gathering relevant information, analyzing scholarly articles, and preparing literature reviews.
  • Graded essays from an undergraduate communication class.
  • Re-designed the billboard for the Graduate Program in Communication.

Michigan Academy of Science, Art and Letters—Kalamazoo, MI

Presenter at a day-long conference, March 10, 2017

  • Presented a research paper on women’s representation on Game of Thrones and other fantasy shows.


Journalism experience:

The Morning Sun—Mount Pleasant, MI

Multimedia reporter with education and city beat, Sept. – Dec. 2015.

  • Covered topics and events related to Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant schools, educational programs in the area, and occasionally city matters.
  • Performed in-depth research and interviewed state experts for longer stories, such as child poverty in Michigan.
  • Used social media and photo galleries to draw readers’ interest.
  • Developed relationships with members of the Mount Pleasant Board of Education.

Midland Daily News—Midland, MI

Freelance reporter, Organic Reporting Project, Aug. – Dec. 2013.

  • Traveled to farms in Alma, Hersey and Rosebush as well as to an organic store in Midland to interview owners, farmers and consumers.
  • Co-wrote the leading front-page article that launched the Sunday-Monday package.
  • Researched extensively on food recalls and food production, contacted state and national experts, and wrote two articles on my own in addition to the lead story.

Leadership experience:

American Association of University Women (AAUW), Michigan

     Student advisory council member (or state representative), July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018

  • Held a presentation with fellow SAC members at Leadership conference.
  • Writing on the AAUW-MI blog about topics such as activism, women’s issues and events.
  • Advising the student-led e-Board on Oakland campus (AAUW Rochester branch).



Central Michigan University—Mount Pleasant, MI (Graduation: May 2015)

            BA: English major, creative writing concentration, and Journalism minor.

     Oakland University—Rochester, MI (Expected graduation: April 2018)

            Master’s in Communication, with a focus on media studies.

Anna Palm_Resume

About Me

12112381_10205155475274704_8340327601833808635_nMy name is Anna Palm and I’m an alumna from Central Michigan University.

Welcome to my portfolio! Here you can find articles I’ve written for The Morning Sun, CM Life, Grand Central Magazine and Midland Daily News. There are also some pieces I have done for class. I began this journey in 2012 when I was half-way through freshman year and wanted to do something exciting with my life. Asking questions, learning new things and writing about what I see and hear is a tremendous amount of fun, so I can see myself working for a newspaper, magazine or any kind of news-based company for a long time. Additionally, it’s interesting how this job continuously brings me to unique individuals and places, and makes me consider topics and issues I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

Some of my favorite experiences have been talking to students who sold their art on Etsy, going on a ride-along with a police officer, covering the annual Polar Plunge where people in costumes jump into the Rose Pond in the middle of February, and investigating how the administration handles sexual misconduct at Central Michigan University.

After graduation, I landed a job at The Morning Sun, which was even more amazing. My beat was education – with a city “part-time” beat – so I covered anything regarding the schools in Mt. Pleasant and CMU. I occasionally wrote stories I picked up at City Hall, mainly from the planning commission meetings. Besides having such a blast , I had a group of awesome colleagues; we were truly a team.

As a curious person, I like doing research and writing about several different things such as social issues, art and things that people don’t discuss enough, or might not know anything about. (Updated January 2016.)